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1 Assessment Audits and Consultation

Assessment Audits & Consultation Service


Marketing Performance Assessment

Our Marketing Performance Assessment gives your business insights into your overall online marketing performance. The MPA will reveal areas lacking attention and highlight ways to optimize your marketing strategy for consistent continuous growth. It will measure and report important details to help you make the right decisions to give your business a competitive edge in your online presence.

We’ll look at your overall presence online to determine:

  • Ease of being found online and accuracy of the information.
  • The overall health of your business’s reviews.
  • Your social presence activity and compare against other similar businesses.
  • Your websites overall ability to invite visitors and convert them to paying customers.
  • Your organic keyword performance and reveal how it stacks up against your competitors.
  • Your digital advertising and comparing it with your competition.

Contact us today and lets discuss your goals and objectives to grow your business through a Marketing Performance Assessment.

review audit 1

Complete Website Audit

Learn how you can start getting more traffic and sales by making your website’s health perfect. Through our extensive website audit we detect all technical SEO issues that plague your website's performance and propose solutions to fix problems and issues that slow down the growth of your online business.

  • Website Health Check- Google’s Googlebot loves websites without errors and Users love fast and easy to use websites.
  • On Page SEO Check- We find all the technical mistakes that is holding your website hostage.
  • Website Backlink Tracking-Every site needs the RIGHT backlinks, if your website has the wrong backlinks or not enough of the right ones,it doesn't matter how good your product, service, or text is if others don't know about it or can't find it.
  • Website Rank Tracking-You'll find out which and where keywords from your website rank in Google Search Engine Results Page (SERP) positions.
  • Website Monitoring-We can implement website monitoring for changes from activities of people who work on your website, Identify suspicious hacking in the early stages, and compare page ranking changes.

Order your Full Report today and get the best insight into your websites performance. Contact us today and lets discuss your goals and objectives to grow your business.


Conversion Rate Optimization Audit

To receive a higher return on your hard-earned traffic, it's important to get more visitors to take the actions that you desire. To find out why visitors aren’t converting to customers a full audit of your website and traffic sources is crucial to identifying what’s sabotaging your conversions.

Contact us today and lets discuss your goals and objectives to grow your business.


Global Portal

Global All-In-One Portal

Your business can now have one central place to communicate, collaborate and exchange information securely with employees, contractors, vendors, teams, leads, prospects, customers, clients and others you might do business with.

The Global All-In-One Portal consolidates:

  • A Powerful CRM Funnel & Onboarding Tool
  • A Dynamic All Encompassing Flexible Portal
  • A Secure File Storage and Exchange Platform
  • A Comprehensive Project & Task Management Tool
  • An Intuitive Proofing & Approval Tool
  • Estimates, Invoices & Recurring Billing
  • Time Tracking & Billing
  • Mass Email Campaigns & Autoresponders
  • Task Planning Calendar
  • Secure Messaging & Canned Responses
  • Live Direct & Group Chat

Our All-In-One Portal is accessible from any device for about the cost of a daily cup of Starbucks! Contact us today and lets discuss your goals and objectives to reduce your current platform expenses, make your business run more efficient and grow your business through our All-In-One Portal.

Global communications Center

 Global National/Int'l Hosted PBX 

Our hassle-free cost-effective International communication system is designed like a major corporate solution for any size of business or startup located in nearly any country with the desire to simplify their communications or expand their market anywhere at anytime saving on communication expenses.

  • Analytics-We provide a wide range of analytics: per account, per outbound / inbound call or texting volumes, per number , per day, week, month or year.
  • Worldwide coverage-We have worldwide coverage, providing your business with local phone numbers in more than 100 countries.
  • Hundreds of features-Our platform includes hundreds of features leading to thousands of possible combinations of inbound/outbound call/messaging flows.
  • Local number portability-Port your numbers to our network. We support local network portability in more than 30 countries. We provide an easy to use digital signature porting process.
  • Detailed documentation-We can completely configure your communication system and you have access to our extensive knowledge base which provides detailed tutorials, how to and video-tutorials helping you get up and running in no-time.

And so much more. Contact us today and lets discuss your goals and objectives to reduce your current communication platform expenses, make your business run more efficiently and grow your business through our Cloud Hosted Global PBX Platform.

on hold music and messaging

On Hold Music & Messaging

Is your customer calling experience costing you business because callers are hearing silence when they are put on hold? We can help your customers stay entertained and engaged while they wait, learning about your latest promotions, specials, and company info. Your On-Hold Messaging and Music is the first impression your callers encounter and your business can make it memorable and build trust with them.

On Hold Music and Messaging reinforces your brand, promotes trust, additional services, and specials while your customers wait on hold. Many times callers are calling to find out when you are closing or other simple information your on hold system can answer when they call. By stating your business hours and other basic information, on hold can keep from tying up your employees’ valuable time. Adding a simple on hold call-to-action can create more sales.

Contact us today and lets discuss your goals and objectives of simplifying and solidifying customers on hold experience to make your business run more efficient and grow your business through our On Hold Music and Messaging.

3 Financial Solutions


global payment solution data

Global Payment Solutions

You can improve cash flow by reducing high administrative costs with our global payment solution. Learn about the benefits you can begin to enjoy with our bill settlement tool and see how you get paid instantly with our wide selection of payment tools.

Financial flexibility is our top priority for our clients and that´s why our payment platform allows you to determine how you pay and get paid. Be a step ahead of your customers and suppliers with our extensive bill payment tools and start profiting today.

Contact us today and lets discuss your goals and objectives to reduce your current payment processing expenses, make your business run more efficient and grow your business through our Global Payment Solution.

Point Of Sale Solutions

We understand that no two businesses are the same. Part of what makes us so unique is our ability to help customers design a POS system based on the unique needs of their business. No matter what type of business you are-a restaurant, retail store, any kind of specialty business or service provider we can help you reduce costs and enhance your point of sale needs.

Our personalized approach ensures that your point of sale system will be fine-tuned to meet your requirements. Discover how fast, simple, and easy it is to save money with our POS systems.

We can help you navigate the POS purchasing decision which can be baffling choosing the right solution. We don't just sell systems; we provide complete point of sale solutions backed by 24/7 support.

Contact us and see how we've helped other merchants with their POS needs! Contact us today and lets discuss your goals and objectives to reduce your current POS expenses, make your business run more efficient and grow your business even more.

Business Financing

Business Credit & Financing

We have a Strategic Lender Matching Platform that will help you get the best unsecured lines of credit that fits your specific needs. We'll help you secure money for your business quickly with our lending sources that number in the thousands.

You'll find out how easy and stress free it is to get approved as a startup business or even if you have credit challenges. We have educational resources that can help you learn how to overcome financial challenges you may have.

Our underwriting team will quickly evaluate your credit situation and provide a personalized plan using our Strategic Lender Matching Platform. 

Contact us today and lets discuss your goals and objectives to enhance you're financial situation and make your business run more efficient and grow your business through our Strategic Lender Matching Platform.


We Serve Businesses World Wide

4 On Premise Solutions


digital signage solutions

Digital Signage

We can help you select the right digital signage program for your business by learning your objectives and tailoring a proposal geared towards educating, entertaining and upselling people who visit your business. 

We can set your business up with effective custom produced digital signage for various situations like:


Contact us today and lets discuss your goals and objectives to cater to your visitors, make your business more engaging and grow your business through our Digital Signage Program.

free secure public wifi solution

Public WiFi Marketing

We can turn your business's internet into a powerful effective tool to generate more revenues for your business. Your public wifi will deliver analytics and data about your customers that will help you monetize from your internet connection. 

With our Intelligent WiFi solution you can securely give access to your customers and through automation directly engage with them with  highly targeted and profitable communications.

Our cloud-based automation solution allows you to personalize relevant and real-time interactions with your customers in a way that no other marketing channel can. With our extensive background in WiFi marketing you won't be disappointed in the results we accomplish through your businesses WiFi.

Contact us today and lets discuss your goals and objectives to make your current internet more engaging for your customers and more profitable for your business through our Public WiFi Platform.

on hold music and messaging

Overhead Music & Messaging

Simply by implementing an effective and strategic customized overhead and in-store music system, your business can keep customers on your premise longer and increase purchase intent. We can help you create the perfect cost effective customized in-store radio station your customers will love.

We'll combine engaging professionally-produced messaging that will engage your guests to take action on promotions,offers and more while entertaining them and keeping them in the right buying mood. Integrating Overhead Messaging and Music  influences your client’s buying decisions by advertising new services, promoting specials and more.

Contact us today and lets discuss your goals and objectives to reduce your current platform expenses and expand on it's value, while making your business more entertaining and engaging for your customers and grow your business through our effective Overhead Music and Messaging System.

5 Online Asset Solutions


Exclusive Charter Website

Our Charter Website Solution gives your business the upper hand with a competitive edge over other businesses that are a challenge for you. A Charter Website Solution is tailored specifically to your business objectives and will provide your business the essentials to attract, lead, inform and drive visitors to do business with you over your competition.

Adding or upgrading to our Charter Website Solution to enhance your your current marketing assets will significantly add to the growth of your online marketing channel. Contact us today and lets discuss your goals and objectives for your online marketing and make your business profit more  through our Charter Website Solution.

e-commerce 1

E-Commerce Solution

We can completely create, host and maintain an e-commerce store for your business to profit from online sales. Once set up we make it easy for you or others in your business to add products, services or make changes anytime without relying on us if you choose. The capability, look and feel of your e-commerce website is only limited by your imagination.

More and more customers appreciate the added ease of paying for other various services and products online. You can increase market exposure setting yourself apart from your competition by providing a State-Of-The-Art E-Commerce Solution that satisfies the trends in online shopping.

Contact us today and lets discuss your goals and objectives to increase your current growth shifting to online sales and make your business run more efficiently and profitable through our E-Commerce Solution.

Online Asset Hosting, Security and Maintenance

Hosting, Security and Maintenance

Whether or not you currently have a website online we can improve your website's presence online through our specialized hosting service. We host our clients websites only on the best worldwide servers through Amazon Web Services and  Google Cloud Platform giving your online presence supreme authority with a competitive edge.

We secure your domain and website with the highest security to ward off hackers which affect nearly 50% of websites without the owner even knowing it. We keep your website constantly updated and backed up and continually improve on your website’s potential every month delivering verified dynamic results with transparent data to prove it.

Contact us today and lets discuss your goals and objectives to provide a better solution for your website's online presence, make your business run more profitably and grow your business through our Website Hosting, Security and Maintenance Solution.

6 Video Marketing Solutions


Interactive Video Solutions

Is a new form of media many top brands are using to engage consumers and reach their digital marketing goals. An interactive video, gives the viewer the ability to interact with the video content itself through a variety of tools.

Powerful Call-To-Action Videos: Boost sales with “Clickable” buttons and order links inside any video.

Engaging In-Video Quizzes and Polls: Increase your engagement by adding multiple-choice quizzes and polls inside your videos!

Interactive In-Video Optin Forms: Build a massive email list by leveraging the latest in-video optin form technology!

Next-Gen “Video in Video”: Maximize conversions by using never-seen-before video technology not available anywhere else!

Crush Competition: With latest features like time-delay callout slides, text overlay, logo watermarks, superimpose images, in-video file downloads, maps and a whole lot more!

Contact us today and lets discuss your goals and objectives to improve your video marketing engagement, make your business run more profitably and grow your business through our Interactive Video Solutions.

Interactive Video Enhancement Solutions

Is a process of enhancing your current videos recreating them into interactive videos that create more enjoyment and engagement for viewers. They can choose their own adventure, complete forms, buy products, answer questions – and that’s just the start. It gives you the power to create unique, exciting video experiences that can attract your audience and better explain what you do.

We can revive your videos into Interactive Video.

Users can click, drag, scroll, hover, gesture and even complete other call-to-actions to interact with the video’s content…

like polls, quizzes, surveys and even buying a product.

We can also add logos, images, buttons, texts, optin pop up, sliders, timers and much more…

Contact us today and lets discuss your goals and objectives to improve your video marketing engagement, revive your videos and grow your business through our Interactive Video Solutions.

Customized Industry Video Solutions

We create customized interactive video specific to your service or product offerings. We’ll discuss your needs, goals and objectives for the interactive video, create a script and a voice over describing the objectives then implement video elements and interactive functionality that draws in your viewer, captures their attention and pleasantly engages them to take further actions leading them to confidently select your business as their preferred choice to conduct their business with.

Contact us today and lets discuss your goals and objectives to improve your video marketing engagement tailored for your business and grow your business through our Interactive Video Solutions.


We Serve Businesses World Wide

7 Managed Marketing Solutions


Search engine advertising solution

Search Engine Advertising

Our expert online advertising team can help you attract more clients to your business by targeting internet users who are searching for your product or service. You can count on us to deliver an effective advertising solution proven to attract more visitors to your business. We initially discuss your business objectives with you and the craft a solution to meet those objectives.


Multi Channel Call Tracking Solution

Multi-Channel Call Monitoring

When you know the origins of your calls from online and offline marketing channels you can focus and invest more on the channels that yield the best return and reduce spending on those that aren’t performing. Learn about the wide range of features that benefits your overall marketing objectives. 

  • Local, Toll Free and International numbers
  • Pre-recorded or Customized greetings
  • Ring multiple numbers
  • Record and review calls
  • Text Messages and Email Alerts
  • Text Messages automatically sent to caller
  • and much more
google my business optimization 355X200

Google My Business Optimization

Were you aware that you have a better chance of receiving the majority of calls when people are searching for your type of business just by improving your presence in the Google My Business map directory? Our Google My Business Optimization Specialists will move your business up in the maps directory for eyes to see increasing your phone calls from new people ready to get their wallet out and spend money with you business.

email marketing solution

Email Marketing Services

Email marketing still rules over social media marketing when it comes to customer acquisition and retention. Our highly skilled marketing team can create your email marketing channel or enhance your existing one to create more engagement leading to growing your business smarter.

8 Digital Business Card Solution

Digital Business Card Solution

You'll find that digital business cards are the go to solution for an effective inexpensive replacement for paper business cards that boosts your marketing efforts with expanded elements that draws your potential customers into doing business with you. A Digital Business Card can explain your product or service offerings, engage them with video, give them multiple options to easily contact you, map your location, show them your current promotions and so much more in one simple solution you can deliver in multiple different ways and so much more.

9 online menu ordering Solution

Online Menu Ordering Solution

Food establishments now have a cost effective solution and better alternative to other solutions to provide your customers online ordering options that delivers more customers, more flexibility and growing revenues. Other solutions cost twice or more than ours, restricts your ability to re-market to your customers, creates built in competitors stealing business away from you on your own menu and so much more. Expand your possibilities and revenues by providing others in your community with the best online ordering solution we create for your establishment.


10 Discount Print Supplies

Discount Print Supplies

You can start saving money on all your print needs by visiting our online shop. You'll find that Best Print Headquarters will become your one stop shop for all your discounted

  • print materials
  • stationary
  • promotional products
  • labels and so much more.
11 Discount Bulk Office Supplies

Bulk Office Supplies

We have partnered with Bulk Office Supply to bring you the best values for all your office supply needs. Enjoy incredible savings from their extensive catalog of anything you need for your business at or near wholesale prices.

We look forward to serving your business with the best of the best solutions to reduce your expenses, enhance your marketing objectives and expand the growth of your business beyond your imagination. Visit our website often as we continuously create and expand more ways for you to benefit from selecting White, Curtis and Associates as your go to place for all your Digital Business Solutions.


We Serve Businesses World Wide